Web Development

2testIT creates and (optionally) manages your website on a monthly basis.

A website is your digital business card, of course you want your company’s website to develop in tandem with your organization’s development. Do you want to modernize your website? Add functionality? Outsource maintenance? We at 2testIT are happy to help.

A website requires constant attention to make sure that it complies with the latest cyber security- and legal requirements in the field of privacy and data protection. Because your website must remain up and running, be accessible and its functionalities operational.

Because you as an entrepreneur do not want to be distracted from your main business, we train people that have a distance to the labor market to specifically take this type of work off your hands. When you outsource your website management to us, we take the following worries away.

  • We make and keep backups of your entire website, so that you always can undo changes or fall back to an operational site.
  • We check whether you are using the latest version of your Content Management System (CMS) and install the latest version if necessary.
  • We check that you are using the latest version of the theme you are using for your website and install the latest version if necessary.
  • We check whether you are using the latest versions of your plugins that you use for your website and install them if you desire it.
  • We generally check the functionality of your website and, if you wish, we undertake the work to maintain it.
  • We ensure that your site complies with the latest requirements from privacy and data protection legalization.
  • We perform security updates, so you do not have to worry.

2testIT also ensures that your customers have a good user experience on all modern devices.

Responsive application and/or website design is the first step in the development of a modern website. A well-thought-out design will result in visitors acting sooner. A professional website that moves with the times also improves image.

The main properties of a responsive design are:

  • A design that adapts itself to the environment (device) in which it is displayed
  • Legibility is guaranteed by means of a scaling content (i.e. font size).
  • Functionality does not suffer from use on various devices.

If you are interested, send an email to info@2testit.eu or use the contact form.