Documenting Applications

2testIT ensures that your customers have excellent documentation of your (web)application.

Because businesses around the world see customers demanding more self-service functionality in addition to their main service and/or support channels, knowledge bases (wikis and knowledge bases) play a huge role in helping organizations with their needs.

The advantages of implementing a knowledge base:

Internal use:

  • Having an employee knowledge base benefits organization by increasing efficiency, consistency, and internal communication.
  • Knowledge bases are a great way to store critical information related to clients and/or customers, services, products, or even general office or employment information.

Customer oriented:

  • Organizations that provide a knowledge base for self-help can free up their employees' time, which can often be better used to realize complex and challenging scenarios.
  • Knowledge bases provide additional help and choice to customers looking for self-service, improving perception of service quality

2testIT creates and/or supplements your knowledge base with documentation that has been compiled together with your organization or supplied in advance. The knowledge base itself is set up in a user-friendly manner so that your organization can add/adjustment new or existing documentation even after implementation.

We mainly use the following platforms for knowledge bases:

Centric is an experienced and committed IT partner for municipal institutions. With various applications and services, they have been supporting local government in every policy field for more than 25 years.

For the Centric “Leef Omgeving” portal, 2testIT provided the user documentation through WikiJS.

In addition to WikiJS, we also use the following platforms:

If you are interested, send an email to or use the contact formulier.