Who are we?

2TestIT’s objective is to organize work in the IT testing domain for persons that have a distance to the labor market.

2TestIT thus contributes to the objective of the regulation mandate (Participation Act). “Employers and the government must create a total of 125,000 jobs by 2026 for people that have a distance to the labor market.” We strive to enable employers to fulfill this mandate . Our services tie in seamlessly with this mandate and provides tangible social and financial benefits for all parties involved.

2TestIT’s founders are:

Paul van der Plasse

Paul van der Plasse

Nico van Dam

Nico van Dam


What we do

We organize (part of) the implementation of the Participation Act for customers employing 250 persons or more. Instead of the traditional focus on sourcing of personnel we focus on sourcing the work itself. We support persons with a distance to the labor market by training, guiding and coaching to further their development towards sustained employment. We do not distinguish between people, we rely solely on their individual, proven development capabilities.

The training and execution take place in close collaboration with specialized training agencies as well as the customer.

The customer will always collaborate with at least one major IT supplier. Part of the outsourced work is the yield of its service; the acceptance phase of application development. This phase includes a lot of application testing. These kinds of jobs are ideally suited for teaching people that have a distance to the labor market. In many cases this work is done in low-wage countries. Through the Participation Act this work will be (partly) brought back to the Netherlands through us. The customer (together with the IT supplier/contractor) determines which part of the work is suitable to be entrusted upon us.

We recruit, select and train candidates.

2TestIT works as a subcontractor to major IT suppliers.

We primarily take care of the selection and training of people. The IT supplier is the main contractor of the assignment and determines which part of the workload is suitable for execution through 2TestIT. The services provided are always supervised by the quality management of the IT supplier.

Our main goals

Continuous development

Our work and the world in which we work is changing rapidly, so permanent education is a natural thing for us. Our employees have been selected on their inner drive to develop themselves further- supported by 2testIT.

Labor force

Employees are highly motivated. 2testIT offers its people an environment in which they can realize their personal development plan. In addition, 2testIT uses the corporate culture FINE (Fair, Intelligible, Neat, and Equality).

Socially responsible

2testIT fulfills its social role by offering people with a distance from the labor market a permanent job by training them to at least MBO level (equals as Intermediate vocational education) in the ICT sector.

Human Capital

2testIT strives for customization in the professional development of its employees. The Human Factor is the determining factor in the success of 2testIT. 

We see the competencies of our employees not only as the core of the company but also the translation of its commercial proposition. We therefore have a 1 on 1 connection between the products and services that 2testIT offers and the competence of the employees. This is reflected in the competence matrix, this matrix shows what know-how is required to be able to deliver services and products and which participant has the necessary skills for the job. 

This shows that not all employees have the desired knowledge and skills (currently) to implement all of 2testIT products. The difference between these two determines the employee's training plan to grow into a fully-fledged professional. We want to work together with the customer on projects in which the knowledge gained does not disappear but remains available to both the employee and the customer.

Our services


Create, manage and maintain your website and other web products.


A user-friendly shopping environment for both you and your customers.

Product Testing

Testing your products in areas such as development, system and acceptance.

Documenting Applications

We provide your application(s) with wiki/ knowledge-base for all user-levels.


Multiple devicetest

In collaboration with Sogeti and Logius, we test functionalities of various digital services.

Field-testing television platforms

In collaboration with Ziggo Vodafone, we test whether various television platforms function correctly.



For an informal discussion about what 2testIT can mean for your organization, please contact us using the methods below.

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